Vol 4, No 3 (1984)

Table of Contents

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Marcel Blanc, dir., L 'état des sciences et des techniques
Reviewed by
J. Nicolas Kaufmann 93-96
François Bousquet, et al., eds., La vérité
Reviewed by
Julien Naud 96-98
Gérard Deledalle, La philosophie Américaine
Reviewed by
Michel Seymour 98-100
James C. Edwards, Ethics Without Philosophy: Wittgenstein and the Moral Life
Reviewed by
Howard 0. Mounce 101-102
Gareth Evans, The Varieties of Reference
Reviewed by
Bernard Linsky 103-105
Mostafa Faghfoury, ed., Analytical Philosophy of Religion in Canada
Reviewed by
Grace M. Jantzen 105-108
John Fisher, ed., Essays on Aesthetics: Perspectives on the Work of Monroe C. Beardsley
Reviewed by
T.J. Diffey 109-111
D.A. Gillies, Frege, Dedekind and Peano on the Foundations of Arithmetic
Reviewed by
S.K. Thomason 111-113
V.A. Howard, Artistry: The Work of Artists
Reviewed by
Garry Hagberg 113-115
Angèle Kremer-Marietti, Entre le signe et l'histoire: l'anthropologie positiviste d'Auguste Comte
Reviewed by
Guy Lafrance 116-117
Michael J. Langford, Providence
Reviewed by
Murdith McLean 117-120
Albert Menne and Niels Öffenberger, eds., Zur modernen Deutung der Aristotelischen Logik- I. Über den Folgerungsbegriff in der Aristotelischen Logik
Reviewed by
John Bacon 120-122
Joseph Pestieau, L 'espoir incertain
Reviewed by
Roberto Miguelez 122-124
Kingsley Price, ed., On Criticizing Music
Reviewed by
Noel H. Tisdale 124-126
Claude Reichler, ed., Le corps et ses fictions
Reviewed by
François Peraldi 126-129
Richard Rorty, The Consequences of Pragmatism
Reviewed by
Jay E. Bachrach 129-131
Keith Ward, Rational Theology and the Creativity of God
Reviewed by
C.G. Prado 132-133
Alan White, Schelling: An Introduction to the System of Freedom
Reviewed by
Peter Preuss 134-136
M.R. Wright, Empedocles: The Extant Fragments
Reviewed by
Jaap Mansfeld 136-138

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