Vol 3, No 4 (1983)

Table of Contents

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Walter Benjamin, Charles Baudelaire. Un poète lyrique à l'apogée du capitalisme.
Reviewed by
Francis Parmentier 155-157
Ernst Bloch, Experimentum Mundi: Question, catégories de l'élaboration, praxis.
Reviewed by
Aimé-Pierre Rose 157-160
Ned Block, ed., Imagery.
Reviewed by
D.M. Johnson 160-164
John P. Burke, Lawrence Crocker and Lyman Letgers, eds., Marxism and the Good Society.
Reviewed by
Donald C. Lee 164-166
John V. Canfield, Wittgenstein — Language and World.
Reviewed by
Hubert Schwyzer 166-168
Martin Davies, Meaning, Quantification and Necessity: Themes in Philosophical Logic.
Reviewed by
Bruce Freed 169-172
Pierre Haubtmann, Pierre Joseph Proudhon — sa vie et sa pensée, 1809-1849.
Reviewed by
Paul Gagné 172-174
Howard Jones, ed. and trans., Pierre Gassendi's Institutio Logica.
Reviewed by
Vere Chappell 174-176
Michael King, The Framework of Criminal Justice.
Reviewed by
Randal Marlin 176-178
Derek Layder, Structure, Interaction and Social Theory.
Reviewed by
James Stolzman 179-180
Emmanuel Lévinas, De Dieu qui vient a l'idée.
Reviewed by
Marc Renault 181-182
Mary Margaret Mackenzie, Plato on Punishment.
Reviewed by
Jane S. Zembaty 182-185
T.R. Martland, Religion as Art: An Interpretation.
Reviewed by
Paul Seligman 185-187
H.O. Mounce, Wittgenstein's Tractatus: An Introduction.
Reviewed by
E.D. Klemke 187-189
Jean-Claude Muller, Du bon usage du sexe et du mariage. Structures matrimoniales du haut plateau nigérian.
Reviewed by
Joseph Pestieau 189-192
Anthony O'Hear, Education, Society and Human Nature: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Education.
Reviewed by
Foster N. Walker 192-194
Theodore Plantinga, Historical Understanding in the Thought of Wilhelm Dilthey.
Reviewed by
Robert C. Scharff 194-198
Helen Roberts, ed., Doing Feminist Research.
Reviewed by
Deborah A. Rosen 198-200
David Rubinstein, Marx and Wittgenstein: Social Praxis and Social Explanation.
Reviewed by
Nicholas F. Gier 201-203
Paul Veyne, Les Grecs ont-ils cru à leurs mythes? Essai sur l'imagination constituante.
Reviewed by
Léonce Paquet 204-205
L. Wittgenstein, Culture and Value.
Reviewed by
John V. Canfield 205-207
Harold Coward and Donald E. Larsen, Ethical Issues in the Allocation of Health Care Resources.
Reviewed by
Janet L. Storch 207-208

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