Vol 2, No 1 (1982)

Table of Contents

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Marc Eli Blanchard, Description: Sign, Self, Desire. Critical Theory in the Wake of Semiotics.
Reviewed by
Guy Bouchard 1-5
L. Couloubaritsis, L'avènement de la science physique. Essai sur la Physique d'Aristote.
Reviewed by
Yvon Lafrance 5-11
Fred Dallmayr, Twilight of Subjectivity: Contributions to a Post-Individualist Theory of Politics.
Reviewed by
Journal Editors 11-12
Paul Edwards, Heidegger on Death: A Critical Evaluation.
Reviewed by
Robert C. Solomon 12-14
Kathy E. Ferguson, Self, Society and Womankind.
Reviewed by
Susan Rae Peterson 15-17
William M.A. Grimaldi, S.J., Aristotle, Rhetoric I: A Commentary.
Reviewed by
J. Reginald O'Donnell 17-21
D.W. Hamlyn, Schopenhauer.
Reviewed by
Michael Fox 21-24
James S. Hans, The Play of the World.
Reviewed by
Bernard Suits 24-27
J.R. Lucas, On Justice.
Reviewed by
Jan Narveson 27-29
Benson Mates, Sceptical Essays.
Reviewed by
Alasdair Urquhart 29-31
Robert Steigerwald, Marxism and Late Bourgeois Ideology.
Reviewed by
Vincent di Norcia 31-33
Mark C. Taylor, Journeys to Selfhood: Hegel and Kierkegaard.
Reviewed by
W.A. Shearson 33-36
Jozef Wilczynski, An Encyclopedic Dictionary of Marxism, Socialism and Communism.
Reviewed by
Walter L. Adamson 36-37
Raymond L. Wilder, Mathematics as a Cultural System.
Reviewed by
Andrew Lugg 37-39
Nicholas Wolterstorff, Works and Worlds of Art.
Reviewed by
Catherine Wilson 39-43
Nicholas Wolterstorff, Art in Action.
Reviewed by
T.R. Martland 44-46

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