Vol 2, No 4 (1982)

Table of Contents

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P.S. Atiyah, Promises, Morals and Law.
Reviewed by
S. Coval 159-161
Hartry H. Field, Science Without Numbers.
Reviewed by
Bernard Linsky 161-164
John Finnis, Natural Law and Natural Rights.
Reviewed by
P.J. Fitzgerald 164-167
Charles Fried, Contract as Promise: A Theory of Contractual Obligation.
Reviewed by
A.D. Woozley 168-170
Lon L. Fuller, The Principles of Social Order.
Reviewed by
Cornelius F. Murphy, Jr. 170-172
James M. Gustafson, Ethics from a Theocentric Perspective: Vol. I. Theology and Ethics.
Reviewed by
Charles Davis 173-175
Alasdair Macintyre, After Virtue.
Reviewed by
Raziel Abelson 175-179
Ian R. Macneil, The New Social Contract.
Reviewed by
Richard N. Bronaugh 179-182
Robert Nozick, Philosophical Explanations.
Reviewed by
Francis Sparshott 182-186
François Récanati, Les énoncés performatifs.
Reviewed by
Daniel Laurier 187-190
John Sallis, The Gathering of Reason.
Reviewed by
D.P. Dryer 191
Gunther S. Stent, ed., Morality as a Biological Phenomenon.
Reviewed by
M.J. Langford 192-194
John Sturrock, ed., Structuralism and Since: From Lévi-Strauss to Derrida.
Reviewed by
Peter McCormick 194-198
L.W. Sumner, Abortion and Moral Theory.
Reviewed by
A. Zaitchik 199-201
G.H. Treitel, Doctrine and Discretion in the Law of Contract.
Reviewed by
Roger A. Shiner 202
Miklos Vetö, Eléments d'une doctrine chrétienne du mal.
Reviewed by
Joseph Tchao 203-204

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