Vol 2, No 5 (1982)

Table of Contents

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P.G. Brown, C. Johnson, and P. Vernier, eds., Income Support: Conceptual and Policy Issues.
Reviewed by
Alex C. Michalos 205-207
Jean Brun, Les masques du désir.
Reviewed by
Ghyslain Charron 207-210
Catherine Clément, Vies et légendes de Jacques Lacan.
Reviewed by
François Peraldi 210-213
Brian Easlea, Science and Sexual Oppression.
Reviewed by
Ronald de Sousa 214-217
Crawford Elder, Appropriating Hegel.
Reviewed by
H.S. Harris 217-219
Oswald Hanfling, Logical Positivism.
Reviewed by
Avrum Stroll 219-221
R.F. Holland, Against Empiricism.
Reviewed by
Robert J. Richman 222-224
Georges Kalinowski, L'impossible métaphysique.
Reviewed by
Claude Piché 224-227
François Laruelle, Le principe de minorité.
Reviewed by
Marc Renault 227-229
Frank Lentricchia, After the New Criticism.
Reviewed by
Richard Eldridge 230-232
Neil MacCormick, H.L.A. Hart.
Reviewed by
Michael Payne 232-235
Gareth B. Matthews, Philosophy and the Young Child.
Reviewed by
Brenda Baker 235-237
W.H. Newton-Smith, The Structure of Time.
Reviewed by
Ferrel Christensen 237-239
Richard Nisbett and Lee Ross, Human Inference: Strategies and Shortcomings of Social Judgment.
Reviewed by
Patricia Smith Churchland 240-242
J. Roland Pennock and John W. Chapman, eds., Human Rights: Nomos XXIII.
Reviewed by
Edward Regis, Jr. 242-244
Peter Remnant and Jonathan Bennett, ed. and trans., G.W. Leibniz: New Essays on Human Understanding.
Reviewed by
Graeme Hunter 245-247
Hugh Silverman and Frederick A. Elliston, eds., Jean-Paul Sartre: Contemporary Approaches to his Philosophy.
Reviewed by
William Bruening 247-249
D. van Dalen, ed., Brouwer's Cambridge Lectures on Intuitionism.
Reviewed by
G. Kreisel 249-251
Allen W. Wood, Karl Marx.
Reviewed by
Derek P.H. Allen 252-254
Gernot U. Gabel, Canadian Theses on German Philosophy 1925-1975.
Reviewed by
Peter Preuss 254

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