Vol 1, No 1 (1981)

Table of Contents

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Leslie Armour and Edward T. Bartlett III, The Conceptualization of the Inner Life.
Reviewed by
Jay Newman 1-3
W. Brian Easlea, Witch-Hunting, Magic and the New Philosophy.
Reviewed by
William R. Shea 4-6
Donald Evans, Faith, Authenticity and Morality.
Reviewed by
J. Kellenberger 6-9
Donald Evans, Struggle and Fulfilment.
Reviewed by
John King-Farlow, Aileen MacLeod Sinton 10-13
Shoshana Felman, Le scandale du corps parlant.
Reviewed by
François Latraverse 13-16
R.G. Frey, Interests and Rights:The Case Against Animals.
Reviewed by
Donald Van De Veer 16-19
Pierre Jacob, L 'empirisme logique, ses antécedents, ses critiques.
Reviewed by
Robert Nadeau 19-21
Pierre Jacob, réd., De Vienne à Cambridge, L'héritage du positivisme logique de 1950 à nos jours.
Reviewed by
Robert Nadeau 23-27
D.J . Manning, ed., The Form of Ideology.
Reviewed by
Hilliard Aronovitch 28-30
Louis-Marie Morfaux, Vocabulaire de la philosophie et des sciences humaines.
Reviewed by
Maryvonne Roth 31-32
Herman Parret et al., Le langage en contexte.
Reviewed by
François Latraverse 32-34
Czeslaw Prokopczyk, Truth and Reality in Marx and Hegel: A Reassessment.
Reviewed by
David B. Myers 35-37
Roger Scruton, The Aesthetics of Architecture.
Reviewed by
Lynne M. Broughton 38-41
Henry Shue, Basic Rights: Subsistence, Affluence and U.S. Foreign Policy.
Reviewed by
Alan H. Goldman 41-45
Robert Solomon, Introducing the German Idealists.
Reviewed by
Peter Preuss 46-48
Russell Vannoy, Sex Without Love — A Philosophical Exploration.
Reviewed by
Michael Ruse 48-52

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