Vol 1, No 2/3 (1981)

Table of Contents

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R.E. Allen, Socrates and Legal Obligation
Reviewed by
T.C. Pocklington 53-55
Robert Almeder, The Philosophy of Charles S. Peirce
Reviewed by
H.S. Thayer 56-59
Reinhard Brandt, ed., John Locke: Symposium Wolfenbüttel 1979
Peter A. Schouls 59-62
Ghyslain Charron, Freud et le problème de la culpabilité
Reviewed by
Julien Naud 63-64
S. Morris Engel, The Study of Philosophy
Reviewed by
P.T. Mackenzie 65-66
Stanley Fish, Is There a Text In This Class?
Reviewed by
Berel Lang 67-71
Edgar Z. Friedenberg, Deference to Authority: The Case of Canada
Reviewed by
Michael McDonald 72-74
William A. Galston, Justice and the Human Good
Reviewed by
David A.J. Richards 74-77
Y. Geoffroy, P. Accolla, A.A. Schützenberger, Vidéo, Formation et thérapie
Reviewed by
Marc Provost 78-78
Jürgen Habermas, Communication and the Evolution of Society
Reviewed by
W.E. Cooper 79-81
Gila J. Hayim, The Existential Sociology of Jean-Paul Sartre
Reviewed by
Peter K. McInerney 82-85
Jonathan Lear, Aristotle and Logical Theory
Reviewed by
John Corcoran, Michael Scanlon 85-91
Paul Marcel Lemaire, Les signes sauvages. Une philosophie du langage ordinaire
Reviewed by
Guy Bouchard 92-96
David J . Levy, Realism: An Essay in Interpretation and Social Reality
Reviewed by
Nico Stehr 96-97
John Losee, A Historical Introduction to the Philosophy of Science (2nd. edn.)
Reviewed by
Maurice A. Finocchiaro 98-100
J. MacAdam, M. Neumann, G. Lafrance, éds., Etudes Rousseau-Trent/ Trent Rousseau Papers
Reviewed by
Joseph Pestieau 101-105
Jim MacAdam, Michael Neumann and Guy Lafrance, eds., Trent Rousseau Papers/Etudes Rousseau-Trent
Reviewed by
John B. Noone, Jr. 106-109
Edmund D. Pellegrino and David C. Thomasma, A Philosophical Basis of Medical Practice
Reviewed by
Barry Hoffmaster 109-114
Sandra B. Rosenthal and Patrick L. Bourgeois, Pragmatism and Phenomenology: A Philosophic Encounter
Reviewed by
Karen M. Barson 114-116
Stephen David Ross, Transition to an Ordinal Metaphysics
Reviewed by
John Leslie 116-118
Peter A. Schouls, The Imposition of Method
Reviewed by
M.A. Stewart 119-123
Dale Spender, Man Made Language
Reviewed by
Susan Wendell 123-126
Stephen J. Whitfield, Into the Dark: Hannah Arendt and Totalitarianism
Reviewed by
Peter Fuss 126-130
Ludwig Wittgenstein, Remarks on the Philosophy of Psychology, Vols. I and II
Reviewed by
J.F.M. Hunter 130-136
Yirmiahu Yovel, Kant and the Philosophy of History
Reviewed by
Paul Guyer 137-142

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