Vol 1, No 4 (1981)

Table of Contents

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Joseph L. Esposito, Evolutionary Metaphysics: The Development of Peirce's Theory of Categories
Reviewed by
David Savan 143-144
Greta Jones, Social Darwinism and English Thought
Reviewed by
Tom Settle 145-147
Peter Kivy, The Corded Shell
Reviewed by
Jerrold Levinson 148-152
Paul Oskar Kristeller, Renaissance Thought and Its Sources
Reviewed by
E.J. Ashworth 152-155
Law Reform Commission of Canada, Report 15: Criteria for the Determination of Death
Reviewed by
J.C. Mackenzie 156-157
William Lyons, Gilbert Ryle
Reviewed by
J.J. Macintosh 158-161
J.L. Mackie, Hume's Moral Theory
Reviewed by
Trudy Govier 162-166
C.B. Macpherson, Burke
Reviewed by
Andrew Levine 166-167
Don Mannison, Michael McRobbie and Richard Rouey, eds., Environmental Philosophy
Reviewed by
Jon Moline 168-171
François Marty, La naissance de la métaphysique chez Kant. Une étude sur la notion kantienne d'analogie
Reviewed by
Pierre Laberge 171-174
Philip Pettit, Judging Justice: An Introduction to Contemporary Political Philosophy
Reviewed by
Monte G. Holloway 174-177
Geoffrey Pilling, Marx's Capital: Philosophy and Political Economy
Reviewed by
John McMurtry 177-180
Alvin Plantinga, Does God Have a Nature?
Reviewed by
Harold J. Johnson 181-182
Alexander Rosenberg, Sociobiology and the Preemption of Social Science
Reviewed by
R. Paul Thompson 183-185
Hugh J. Silverman, ed., Piaget, Philosophy and the Human Sciences
Reviewed by
Maurice Gagnon 186-191
Pierre Sorlin, The Film in History: Restaging the Past
Reviewed by
Alexander Sesonske 191-194

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