Vol 1, No 6 (1981)

Table of Contents

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C.R. Badcock, The Psychoanalysis of Culture
Reviewed by
J.S. Clegg 241-243
Baruch A. Brody, Identity and Essence
Reviewed by
Nicholas Griffin 244-247
John Powell Clayton, The Concept of Correlation: Paul Tillich and the Possibility of a Mediating Theology
Reviewed by
Paul B. Whittemore 247-249
F.C. Copleston, Philosophies and Cultures
Reviewed by
F.F. Centore 250-253
Maurice Cornforth, Communism and Philosophy: Contemporary Dogmas and Revisions of Marxism
Reviewed by
Lyman Tower Sargent 253-256
C. Dyke, Philosophy of Economics
Reviewed by
A.W. Cragg 256-258
M.R. Haight, A Study of Self-Deception
Reviewed by
Béla Szabados 259-263
Francis Jeanson, Sartre and the Problem of Morality
Reviewed by
William Leon McBride 263-266
C.B. Macpherson, ed., Locke's Second Treatise of Government
Reviewed by
Gregory E. Pyrcz 266-268
Richard M. Martin, Primordiality, Science and Value
Reviewed by
Jeff Foss 268-270
André Mercier, Metaphysik- eine Wissenschaft sui generis. Theorie und Erfahrung auf dem Gebiete des Inkommensurablen
Reviewed by
J.N. Kaufmann 271-273
William N. Nelson, On Justifying Democracy
Reviewed by
Iredell Jenkins 273-278
Rush Rhees, ed., Ludwig Wittgenstein: Personal Recollections
Reviewed by
Judith Genova 279-280
Janet Radcliffe Richards, The Sceptical Feminist
Reviewed by
Elizabeth V. Spelman 281-284
Supreme Court of Canada, September 1981 Constitutional Decisions
Reviewed by
Marsha Hanen 284-286
Richard Wasserstrom, Philosophy and Social Issues: Five Studies
Reviewed by
Brian Keenan 287-289
Richard Wollheim, Art and Its Objects, 2nd. edn.
Reviewed by
D.D. Todd 290-291
Richard M. Zaner, The Context of Self: A Phenomenological Enquiry Using Medicine as a Clue
Reviewed by
David C. Thomasma 292-294

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