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How to volunteer:

Are you a suitable reviewer?

Philosophy in Review is a specialist journal. We ask that reviewers:

- Hold a Ph.D. degree, or professional equivalent in philosophy or in a discipline related to the subject matter of a given book;

- Be serious about meeting agreed-upon deadlines for reviews;

- Keep to the word limit indicated (usually a 1500-word maximum);

- Follow the guidelines on our Stylesheet;

- Not volunteer for new reviews if they already owe us a review!

What do you do to volunteer?

Send an e-mail to pir@uvic.ca that includes the following:

Your name and full mailing address.

Your ranked preferences from the above list of books (no more than three books, please). If you already have one or more of the books and can thus save us the cost of sending it, please say so.

If you have not reviewed for us before, please supply a paragraph describing your expertise in the area (to allow us to select the most appropriate reviewers; it's not first-come-first-served!). Please do distil your relevant expertise down to a paragraph, name relevant publications, and be specific about your research.

Respecting deadlines

Please respect the deadlines we arrange with you. If , however, as sometimes happens, you find yourself behind on a review, please let us know, as it helps us with scheduling. If, as also sometimes happens, you find yourself unable to complete a review, please let us know as soon as possible. If you inform us in good time, there's a good chance we'll still be able to get the book reviewed, as often several people will have expressed an interest in reviewing the same title.

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