Vol 11 (2010)

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PlatForum | Volume 11 | 2010 PDF
Othering, Power Relations, and Indigenous Tourism: Experiences in Australia’s Northern Territory PDF
Katie Bresner 10-26
Life’s Essential: Debunking the Myths and Exposing the Realities of Canada’s Water System PDF
Valine Crist 28-37
On the Possibility of a Synergy Between Indigenous Knowledges of Health and Healing and Western Biomedicine: Toward a Phenomenological Understanding PDF
Mark S. Dolson 38-50
Mining Your Own Business: Ignorance is Not a Solution PDF
Lara Engst 52-57
The Conditions that Facilitate Buyer Participation in the Market for Human Organs PDF
Amanda Peters 58-72
Bordering on the Supernatural: Merging Animism and the Frontier in Archaeology PDF
Ian Sellers 77-88
Stories that Haven’t Changed the World: Narratives and Counternarratives in the Contemporary Development Community PDF
Jessika Tremblay 90-104

Scholarly Review

Review of Baldacchino’s “A World of Islands” PDF
Consuelo Griggio 106-107
Review of Yan Hairong’s “New Masters, New Servants” PDF
Rachel Haase 108-112

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