Vol 12 (2011)

Table of Contents

PlatForum | Volume 12 | 2011 PDF
Drawing the Boundary through the Centre: Reflections on Toronto’s G20 Summit from an Urban Periphery PDF
Ines Taccone 9
Embarrassment in Ontario PDF
Matthew Hayes 15
Viking Expansion and the Search for Bog Iron PDF
Graham Bowles, Rick Bowker, Nathan Samsonoff 20
Conceptualizing Rural Queerness and its Challenges for the Politics of Visibility PDF
Kelly Baker 30
Beyond Negotiating Impossibilites: The Art of Palestinian Creative Resistance PDF
Madalena Santos 47
Cultural Curing: Magic in Medicine and the Pursuit of Alternatives PDF
Heather Millman 64
Remembering Ubuntu: Memory, Sovereignty and Reconciliation in Post-Apartheid South Africa PDF
Graham Fox 79
(Re)Constructing the Past: The Role of Memory and Imagination among Transnationally Adopted Children and their Adoptive Parents PDF
Jennifer Shaw 93
The Profusion of Potatoes in Pre- Colonial British Columbia PDF
Stella Wenstob 103

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