Vol 9 (2008)

Table of Contents

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postprandial paleontology
Clayton McCann 11
Museums, Postnational and Transcultural Identities in an Era of Cultural Dislocation
Rachel Houmphan 13-23
Embodiment of Trauma through Performative Acts of Remembering
Goran Dokić 25-41
The Gift of Life and Altruism: Organ Transplantation as Cultural Practice in the United States and Canada
Kazuko Sato 43-60
Exchanges – The Gift, Place and Ethnography: Images and Text from Field Research in the Visayan Philippines
Soma W. Morse 61-77
Interaction, Connection: The Ecology and Zoonotic Transmission of Parasites
Alex Cameron 79-96
Cultural Landscapes Conceptualized: A Cross-disciplinary History
Kisha Supernant 97-111
Drawing Power: Conflict Between Western Cartography and Indigenous Illustration
Cloe Whittaker 113-126
Ancient Settlements on the Harrison River: A Salishan Gateway Between two Regions
Adrian Sanders, Morgan Ritchie 127-146
Anthropology and Counterinsurgency: Collaborators in Neoliberal Imperialism
Linda Outcalt 147-164

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