Vol 5 (2003)

Cultural Reflections

Table of Contents

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Language and Hearts are Important: Building "Affecting Athleticism" in DIESL
Cameron Culham 1-6
Inserting the Human into Human History: Experiments with Montage, Experience, and Discontinuous Narrative in Archaeological Reportage
Sara Elizabeth Perry 7-20
Stories That Map the Way Home: A Process of Self Creation
Cathy Richardson 21-27
Double Naved Churches of Medieval Lebanon: An Explanation of the Problem, the Evidence and the Theories
Angela Anderson 28-37

Field Notes

All we did was ask! : Exploring health-related behaviours and beliefs in Taiwan
Cecily J. Mattes, Amarjit Mann 38-42
A Tale of Leishmaniasis
Renee Bauer 43-46
As We Drive Along...
Anne Catherine Bajard 47-50

Scholarly Review

Seeking Tools to Revision the World: A Review of Jone Salomonsen's 'Enchanted Feminism'
Robyn A Cryderman 51-57

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