Vol 6 (2005)

Cultural Reflections

Table of Contents

Cultural Reflections 6-7 (2005) PDF
Whose Home and Native Land
Edith Blades 7-12
Lost in Translation: English in Japan
Dwayne Cover 13-21
Emancipatory Research: Diffusing Power Relations
Vanessa DiCenzo 22-33
Queer Science, Queer Archaeology: Moving Beyond the Feminist Critique
Leah Getchell 34-46
Pharmaceutical Companies: Attempting to Change Ethnomedicine by Supplanting Doctors
Sangeeta Parmar 47-51
Twentieth Century Travels: Tales of a Canadian Judoka
Michelle Rogers 52-68
Fitting Indigenous Rights to Land and Resources into International Human Rights Law: The Challenge of Advocating within a State-Centred System
Jennifer M Sankey 69-81

Field Notes

Primate Paradigms: In the Field with Ringtailed Lemurs
Andrea Gemmill 82-86

Scholarly Review

A Review of No Aging in India: Alzheimer's, The Bad Family, and Other Modern Things
Goran Dokiæ 87-90
Visual Anthropology: A Review of Working Images
Cynthia Korpan 91-94

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