Vol 10 (2009)

Table of Contents

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Beth Wethers 10
Marcel Mauss' Essai sur Le Don (The Gift), 1967 Edition with an Introduction by E.E. Evans-Pritchard
Alan Hanna 11-14
Phenomenologies of Fire: Exploring Combustive Ethnography and the Articulating Sensorium
Shalanda Phillips 15-30
The Ainu as 'Other': Representations of the Ainu and Japanese Identity Before 1905
Katie Bresner 31-44
Jineteras, Luchadoras and the Awkward Tourist-Anthropologist in Havana: People as Categories
Anne-Mette Hermansen 45-60
Contested Femininities: Social Evolution and the Victorian Construction of the Idealised Woman
Jennafer Roberts 61-77
Re-representing Rwandan Child Headed Households: Observations on Community Support
Michelle Hardy 78-91
Exotic, Spectacular Dirt: Archaeology and Tourism
Robin Smith 92-101
The Other Self of Landscape: Considering the Temporality of Lekwammen Territory
D'Ann Owens 102-117
(In)Visibility and (Mis)Representation: First Nations and Social Justice
Niki Thorne 118-126

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