A Filliou for the Game: From Political Economy to Poetical Economy and Fluxus

Marc James Léger


The humour that is characteristic of the work of Robert Filliou provides an idiosyncratic approach to the contradictions involved in the iconoclastic methods of Fluxus artists.  The video work Breakfasting Together, If You Wish (1979) is presented in the context of ideas that Filliou developed in previous projects, including the Galerie Légitime, La Cédille qui sourit, Teaching and Learning as Performing Arts, and the Principles of Poetic Economy. In its references to the everyday realities of working artists, Breakfasting Together makes use of an ironic humour that draws as much on the state of alienation as it does on creative invention.  It is within the space of art that Filliou deploys his poetic vision of life.


humour; irony; video art; Robert Filliou; Fluxus; poetical economy; political economy; creative labour

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