Vol 34, No 1 (2009)

Table of Contents


Editorial Introduction PDF PDF (Français)
Serena Keshavjee 5–10
Mot de la rédactrice PDF PDF () PDF (Français)
Serena Keshavjee 11–17


Into the Primeval Slime: Body and Self in Redon's Evolutionary Universe Untitled () PDF PDF (Français)
Martha Lucy 18–29
Mapping the Body and the Brain: Neurology and Localization Theory in the Work of Rodin PDF PDF (Français)
Barbara Larson 30–40
The Brush Stroke as Catastrophe: Gasquet's Cézanne and the Paintings of Bibémus Quarry PDF PDF (Français)
Anne Byrd 41–52
Joséphin Péladan: Occultism, Catholicism, and Science in the Fin de Siècle PDF PDF (Français)
Maria E. Di Pasquale 53–61
L’Art Inconscient: Imaging the Unconscious in Symbolist Art for the Théâtre d’art PDF PDF (Français)
Serena Keshavjee 62–76
Symbolism, Mediumship, and the “Study of the Soul that has Constituted Itself as a Positivist Science” PDF PDF (Français)
Allison Morehead 77–85
Occult Chemistry and the Theosophical Aesthetics of the Subatomic World PDF PDF (Français)
Mark Morrisson 86–97

Livres / Books

Anthony Vidler, Histories of the Immediate Present: Inventing Architectural Modernism PDF PDF (Français)
Keith Bresnahan 98–100
Margaret Iversen, Beyond Pleasure: Freud, Lacan, Barthes PDF PDF (Français)
Kathryn Simpson, 100–102
Peter Richardson and Douglas Richardson, Canadian Churches: An Architectural History PDF PDF (Français)
Malcolm Thurlby 102–104

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