An Interview with Allen W. Wood

Geordie McComb


Allen W. Wood is Ward W. and Priscilla B. Woods Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Stanford University. His research and interests focus on the History of Modern Philosophy (especially German philosophy in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries); Ethics; Social and Political Philosophy; and Philosophy of Religion. His books include Kant's Moral Religion (1970), Kant's Rational Theology (1978), Hegel’s Ethical Thought (1990) and Kant's Ethical Thought (1999).

During his stay in Victoria this past September as a presenter for the University of Victoria’s Landsdown Lectures in the Faculty of Humanities, we were honoured that Dr. Wood agreed to be interviewed on his most recent book, Kantian Ethics (2008)1, for this edition of Sophia.

I would like to thank Lindsay Bourque and Pamela Robinson as well as Dr. Colin Macleod for their helpful suggestions.


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