Vol 14 (2011)

Table of Contents

Γενέσθω θεοειδής πᾶς: Likeness to God in Plotinus and Plato PDF
Bennett Foster 17
Aristotle, Appropriateness and Appropriation: Getting the Foundations of Virtue Ethics Right PDF
Sasha Suarez Amaya 16
Aquinas on Essence, Existence, and Divine Simplicity - Strange but Consistent PDF
Stephen Stich 11
Aspect Perception and Understanding the Meaning of Words PDF
Luke Davies 14
Kripke on Propositions in Intensional Contexts PDF
Steve Tensmeyer 11
The Eichmann Aporia: Derrida and Transitional Jurisprudence After Nuremberg PDF
Connor Cavanagh 18
Scientific Realism: Interview with Anjan Chakravartty PDF
Bianca Torchia 10

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