Vol 9 (2006)

Table of Contents

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Psychology and Virtue in Al-Ghazali's Ethics
Michael Shindler 1
An Analysis of Freedom and Rational Egoism in Notes from Underground
Michael Hannon 13
Holism in Aristotle's Metaphysics
Daniel Gladstone 25
Sola Experientia: The Bas Van Fraassen Interview
Kyle Jackson 39
On Perception and Attention
Thom Constable 49
Michael Dummett and the Past
Graham Sullivan 59
Authentic Nihilism: Crediting to Nietzsche Heidegger's Debt
Ami Harbin 71
The Gift of the Crow: Rhetoric and Dialectic in Plato's Phaedrus
Amijoseph Brosseau 81

University of Victoria