(Hu)Man-Made Poetry: Thoughts on Aura and (Female) Authenticity of the Blog Gedankenbühne

Melanie Kage


With the internet as an established medium for artistic, communicative and commercial work, blogs written by amateur authors make the newest addition to the World Wide Web. Within the ever-growing blogosphere covering topics from politics to sports, Isabelle Küster, a German arts student, posts weekly updates about outfits and lifestyle on her fashion blog Moon Cult. Literary texts like she publishes on her very personal side project Gedankenbühne, are a minority and haven been neglected by academic research. This article analyzes the form and content of Gedankenbühne, with a focus on the production process of Küster’s art, using Walter Benjamin’s and Simone de Beauvoir’s critical theories. Their notions of aura and authenticity, female authorship and representation help interpret this poetry blog.

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