No 15 (1999)

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Editor's Note/Note de l'éditeur

Editor's Note PDF
Kathlyn Stewart 1

Feature Article/Compte-rendu

An injured deer limb from a neutral Iroquoian site PDF
Frances L. Stewart 2-3
Canadian university courses with zooarchaeology content PDF
Donna Naughton 4-10

Recent publications/Publications récentes

Recent Publications PDF
Kathlyn Stewart 15-16

Forthcoming Conferences/Conférences à venir

Update for ICAZ 1999-05-03 PDF
Kathlyn Stewart 10-13
ICAZ fish remains working group session PDF
Suzanne Needs-Howarth, Terrance J. Martin 13-14
Call for papers - SHA PDF
Kathlyn Stewart 14

Requests, Exchanges, Notices/Demandes, Echanges, Avis

Requests, Exchanges, Notices PDF
Kathlyn Stewart 16

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