Vol 1, No 1 (2012)

Preservice Teachers, Research and Praxis

The International Journal of Social Studies Review (IjSSr) is focused on supporting participatory critical social studies education in aid of peace, social, political, environmental, economic, and cultural justice. The IjSSr believes all Social Studies education is political and that teaching and learning should be practiced as  moral and ethical interventions in the world.  The IjSSr is dedicated to publishing articles that challenge the conventional and popular construction and delivery of Socials studies education that stresses the sage on the stage banking model of education. Social Studies is an art, where the heart meets the mind. The IjSSr will seek to support the meaningful exploration, analysis and discussion of controversial and pressing issues in Social Studies education. IjSSr blends scholarship and social activism.  The IjSSr invites reviews of articles, and book reviews related to Social Studies education from teachers, student teachers, graduate students, and faculty members that include the author's personal perspectives. Using new media technology, this journal will attempt to bridge the gap between scholarly research and social modes of knowledge mobilization and dissemination.


Table of Contents


Article Review: Tupper, J. (2005). We Interrupt This Moment: Education and the Teaching of History
Karen Dallimore
Article Review: Smits, H. (2001). Is There a Legitimate “Luddite” Response to Technology in Social Studies?
Blair Hughes
Article Review: Trofanenko, B.M. (2010). The Educational Promise of Public History Museum Exhibits
Anastasia Andrews
Article Review: Pawar, M. (2006). “Social” “Capital”?
Brian Badgero
Article Review: Nemko, N. (2010). Are we creating a generation of ‘historical tourists'? Visual assessment as a means of measuring pupils' progress in historical interpretation
Shannon Lucy
Article Review: Lindquist, D. H. (2006). Guidelines for Teaching the Holocaust: Avoiding Common Pedagogical Errors
Michael Sparrow