Implementing New Knowledge Environments: Year 1 Research Foundations

Ray Siemens, Richard Cunningham, Alan Galey, Stan Ruecker, Lynne Siemens, Claire Warwick, Teresa Dobson, the INKE Research Group


In this paper, we present details of the first year work of the INKE (Implementing New Knowledge Environments) research group, a large international, interdisciplinary research team studying reading and texts, both digital and printed. The INKE team is comprised of researchers and stakeholders at the forefronts of fields relating to textual studies, user experience, interface design, and information management. We aim to contribute to the development of new digital information and knowledge environments that build on past textual practices. We discuss our research questions, methods, aims and research objectives, the rationale behind our work and its expected significance – specifically as it pertains to our first year goals of laying a research foundation for this endeavour. 
     We thank the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) for funding a research cluster grant, which has made our research network possible, and the generous co-sponsorship of our institutions and research partners. The research discussed in this paper is carried out by Ray Siemens, Richard Cunningham, Alan Galey, Stan Ruecker, and Claire Warwick, with Lynne Siemens, and the INKE research group.


Text, Interface, Prototype, Reading, Book, Design, Human Factors, Theory

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New Knowledge Environments
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