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Would You Rather be a Baffona or Layogenic?

by Cherster Norker (2018-05-17)

Tres Sugar has a fun post about foreign language words and phrases that mean something around dating, romance and relationships. My favorite is Baffona, which is the Italian word for an attractive mustachioed woman. Not that I want to be one, mind you. But, leave it to the Italians to find almost anything beautiful. God bless them!

Read the comments, too. Some nice additions there.

I would add “fika,” which is Swedish. It means to take a break to have coffee with friends or family but also may or may not be a date. Apparently this is as close as you’re gonna get to romance in Sweden.

It appears that Swedish coupling is a very slow process, even though Sweden has the highest birth rate in Europe. Even the Swedes will tell you it’s a mystery. If you want to read more about Swedish dating and mating habits, read this hysterical post, called Dating in Sweden, by American blogger Kommissarie F. Curiosa at The Local.

Of course, I also add “LBB” which means Late Bloomer Bride. This is a woman who got married for the first time over age 40. Even though it’s in English, I offer it up as something “foreign” to too many.

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