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Menstrual Cup Canada is Here!

by Menstrual Cups (2016-11-20)

What's the problem, menstrual cup Canada is here!

This was the first menstrual cup I'd ever bought in Canada. No Problems here and Super Duper, super easy to use! Great material quality. I love that it is more environmentally friendly yet still convenient. Overall, I enjoyed using it quite a bit. I do have some words of wisdom for anyone who is new to using the menstrual cup.
1. You're going to freak out the first time you take the menstrual cup out and it got a good seal. Once you freak out, it is harder to get out. So just take a deep breath and keep trying to take it out.
2. The higher up the cup is inserted, the better the seal, and more comfortable.
3. Wear a liner until you've figured out how to properly insert the cup.
4. I never had to remove it in a public bathroom, but the cup comes with a good recommendation about how to change it in a public restroom.
5. Menstrual cups have no smell.
6. With period cups you have better mobility than with a pad or tampon.

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Periods are dreadful. We women in Canada all know it. There's no period product that is going to be a magical solution. All are going to have pro's and cons. I gave this menstrual cup here 5 stars because it arrived in Canada quickly, it is a great quality item, the customer service from the company was great, and it worked exactly the way it was supposed to. I have definitely been converted. The first thought most people have about period cups is "wow, that sounds gross." While the process is a little messier, tampons can actually trap a lot more bacteria. So don't knock this menstrual cup till you've tried it!