Samish Reflexives

  • Jessalyn Campbell University of Victoria


Little research has been done regarding the status of Samish reflexives and their relationship to other Salish reflexives. This paper will argue that Samish reflexives behave and pattern similarly to closely related Salish languages. Two surfacing types of reflexives (‘plain’ and limited control) will be established as will two available situations for each type to occur (‘core’ and grammaticalized, with a possible inchoative reading). It will also be argued that Samish reflexives, like related Salish language reflexives, are derived from a transitive marker. McGinnis (2022) and Legate (2014) are referenced as a possible syntactic representation of Samish reflexives in which reflexive suffixes (called anaphoric clitics by McGinnis) morphologically realize onto a Voice head or into the Spec position of VoiceP.

Keywords: Samish; Northern Straits Salish; Reflexives; Limited Control; Transitivity