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The Working Papers of the Linguistics Circle of the University of Victoria (WPLC) is a working papers journal published by the graduate students of the Department of Linguistics at the University of Victoria. The Working Papers have been published since 1981 and include general and thematic volumes as well as published proceedings from the Northwest Linguistics Conference, with papers contributed by faculty and students at the University of Victoria and beyond.

We are currently accepting submissions for Volume 34. Submissions from both students and faculty are encouraged. We kindly inform you that student submissions (both graduate and undergraduate) should be accompanied by an email from a supervising professor indicating that the material is of publishable quality. Supervising professors must directly email us at Manuscripts should be submitted no later than Friday, May 17th May 31st, 2024.

This is a general call for submissions from any area related to linguistics, including theoretical linguistics, applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, community work and advocacy for promotion of language, or interdisciplinary research that connects language to other fields of study. 

To submit, visit this page for details and follow the submission instructions. Important information is also summarized below. Papers submitted by email will not be considered. In no case should papers exceed 25 pages, including references. Please use the WPLC style template (.docx) provided under the Author Guidelines at

All papers are published in an online format only as a free-access publication. The journal is distributed under a Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC 4.0 and is indexed with ProQuest. Since this is a working papers journal, publishing in WPLC does not preclude later publication elsewhere of revised versions of papers.

If your submission is accepted for publication, the author publication agreement must be completed. You will be emailed this document once your paper has been accepted.

We look forward to your submission!

Editorial Committee

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