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Vol. 2024 No. 1 (2024): Anarchism and Film: New Perspectives
Journal cover of a video still featuring the Stimulator, as an insane googly eyed character floating in a red moon, laughing as he wrecks fiery havoc on Washington DC

Cover Art:

sub.Media, !Hasta la Pasta, Compañerxs! (The Stimulator's Final Show), 2014, video still

This special edition of Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies takes on an ambitious endeavour: to showcase new contributions to the field of Film Studies. Until recently there has been a dearth of anarchist scholarship concerned with cinema, a situation attributable, in part, to anarchism’s historic marginalization in academia, but the situation is rapidly changing, thanks to the scholarship of Richard Porton, Susan White, and Nathan Jun, to name a few. Thus, as anarchist scholarship makes an impact, it seemed timely to assemble a special issue focussing on film...

Published: 2024-05-14
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