New Approaches in Film Studies

  • Dr. David Christopher University of Leicester


This special edition of Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies takes on an ambitious endeavour: to showcase new contributions to the field of Film Studies. Until recently there has been a dearth of anarchist scholarship concerned with cinema, a situation attributable, in part, to anarchism’s historic marginalization in academia, but the situation is rapidly changing, thanks to the scholarship of Richard Porton, Susan White, and Nathan Jun, to name a few. Thus, as anarchist scholarship makes an impact, it seemed timely to assemble a special issue focussing on film...

Author Biography

Dr. David Christopher, University of Leicester

David Christopher is Lecturer in Popular Screen Cultures in the School of Arts, University of Leicester. He has published numerous articles and book chapters addressing digital cinema, Canadian cinema, anarchist cinema, international science fiction and apocalypse cinema, horror video games and cinema, reception and perception analyses, theatre history, and media studies. His current book in progress, Toronto New Wave and the Anarchist-Apocalypse, offers a new interpretation and updated history of an important movement in Canadian cinema.