The Anarchist Turn

Table of Contents


Duane Rousselle, Süreyyya Evren
The Anarchist Turn
Simon Critchley

Day One

Black and Red: The Freedom of Equals
Chiara Bottici
Anarchism & Feminism
Mitchel Verter, Cinzia Arruza
The Politics of Commensality
Banu Bargu
Queer Anarchism & Anarchists Against the Wall
Judith Butler
Questions & Answers
Judith Butler

Day Two

Friendship as Resistance
Todd May
The Anarchist Moment
Andrej Grubačić
The Anarchist Moment
Cindy Milstein
Geographies of Anarchy
Stephanie Wakefield, Steven Duncombe, Alberto Toscano
Spinoza on Voluntary Servitude
Miguel Abensour
Spread Anarchy, Live Communism
The Invisible Committee