What is Anarchist Studies?

Special Thanks to Ben Brucato for designing the cover for this issue on short notice.

Table of Contents


What is Anarchist (Developments in Cultural) Studies?
Duane Rousselle
Duane Rousselle

Unique Contributions

Addressing Anxieties
Ruth Kinna
Research as a Process of Participation
Thomas Swann
An Art Within an Art
Jamie Heckert
Art & Anarchist Studies
Michael Paraskos
Resources, Self-Study, World Study
Jesse Cohn
A Timely Question
Laura Greenwood
Post-Anarchism & Pre-Anarchism
Thomas Nail
An Abandoned Cemetery
Ben Brucato
Anarchists Have Always Been Engaged in Anarchist Studies
Nathan Jun
Embrace the Spontaneity
Paul Boshears
Is This a Trap?
Michelle Campbell
Anarchism, Para-Academia, Pure Politics, and the Non-Human
Jacques Ranciere


The Current State of Anarchist Studies in France: An Interview with Irène Pereira, Vivien Garcia, and an "Anonymous Comrade"
Nathan Jun