Vol. 2023 No. 1 (2023): Anarchy in Southeast Asia

Guest Editor: Claudia C. Lodia

Cover: Anonymous, Mèo Mun (‘Meow Moon’) logo, digital artwork, 2022

Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies (ADCS) is an international peer reviewed and open access journal to the study of new and emerging perpsectives in anarchist thought. ADCS is an attempt to bring anarchist thought into contact with innumerable points of connection. We publish articles, reviews/debates, announcements and unique contributions that: (1) adopt an anarchist perpective with regards to analyses of language, discourse, culture, and power, (2) investigate various facets of anarchist thought and practice from a non-anarchist standpoint, and (3) investigate or incorporate elements of non-anarchist thought and practice from the standpoint of traditional anarchist thought.

Published: 2023-06-24