• 2022

  • Vol. 12 (2022)

    Volume 12 of The Albatross English Undergraduate Journal features articles by Emily Frampton, Amogha Lakshmi Halepuram Sridhar, William Turcotte, Madison George-Berlet, Errin Johnston-Watson, Maya Linsley, Joey Mauro, and Kiarra Burd.

  • 2021

  • Front cover of The Albatross English Undergraduate Journal 2021 (volume 11). The title and subtitle are written in white, and the background image is an oil painting of an abstract landscape. Vol. 11 (2021)

    Volume 11 of The Albatross English Undergraduate Journal features articles by Jocelyn Diemer, Josiah Lamb, Allegra Stevenson-Kaplan, Autumn Doucette, Emily Frampton, Scott Matthews, and Brayden Tate. 

  • 2020

  • Albatross Volume 10 cover featuring the title and a silhouette of a woman's head with birds flying across an orange backdrop. The Albatross English Undergraduate Journal Volume 10 (2020).
    Vol. 10 (2020)

    Volume 10 of The Albatross English Undergraduate Journal features articles by Madison George-Berlet, Beth Mushumanski, Shonnaugh Thomson, Anne Hung, Lucas Simpson, Allessandra Azouri, Teresa D.L. Sammut, Ellie Gilchrist, Christopher Horne, and Ariane Lecompte. This issue of the journal also includes a retrospective by Sonja Pinto and Robert Steele and a forum piece by Emma Fanning.

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  • Albatross Print cover with Feather Vol. 1 (2011)

    The Albatross is a new forum for undergraduate scholarship in the field of English literary criticism, and is in its first year of publication at the University of Victoria. Our mission is to provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to publish some of their exceptional work in a peer reviewed journal, while simultaneously fostering connections between students and faculty members. This is the first issue of The Albatross online!