Editorial Team

Managing Editor:
Emily Arvay

Associate Editor for the 2023 Issue:
Yin Lam

Reviewers for the 2023 Issue:

Natalie Boldt
PhD Candidate, Department of English
Areas of interest: Canadian literature; speculative and science fiction; technology studies; rhetoric and writing studies; gender and technology studies

Lindsay Clark
PhD Candidate, Department of Biology
Areas of interest: deep-sea ecology; marine biology, marine protected areas; GIS; taxonomy; long-term monitoring; seamounts; hydrothermal vents; oxygen minimum zones; ecological modelling

Alisha Gajjar-Fleming
MA Candidate, Germanic and Slavic Studies
Areas of interest: Ukrainian history, politics, and media; cyber politics; digital protest; Russian disinformation; Russo-Ukrainian war  

Elsie Hovey
MA Candidate, Department of English
Areas of interest: Victorian literature; ecocriticism; eco-feminism; animal studies; women’s writing; Canadian literature

Lucie Kotěšovská
PhD Candidate, Department of English
Areas of interest: transatlantic modernism; British and Irish poetry of the 20th and 21st centuries; the sacred and the profane; unorthodox spiritualities; domesticity and motherhood in contemporary poetry; ecocriticism 

Jessica Lund
MA Candidate, Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies
Areas of interest: assistive technology and stigma; psychology; counselling psychology

Jasmine (Ziwei) Luo
MEd Candidate, Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies
Areas of interest: educational psychology; social justice; leadership; transformative learning 

Seyed Morteza Moghimi
PhD Candidate, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Areas of interest: power systems; renewable energy; smart/green buildings; electrical systems; energy management; micro/smart grids; machine learning distribution systems; load prediction and management; modelling and optimization of energy systems   

Jon Nash
PhD Candidate, Department of English
Areas of interest: humanities; qualitative/theoretical social sciences; refugees and migration; postcolonial/settler/colonial literature; comics and life narratives; Canadian studies.

Emma Newton
BA Candidate, Department of History
Areas of interest: 
comparative folklore and mythology; Greek and Roman mythology; early modern witch trials; Renaissance Humanism; memory politics and history; feminist and LGBTQ+ history.

Jennifer Nichols
MPA, School of Public Administration
Areas of interest: communication design; public policy; accessibility, equity, and gender

Gillian Saunders
PhD Candidate,
Department of Curriculum and Instruction Studies
Areas of interest: English-as-an-additional-language learning; first-year experience; academic help-seeking; academic discourse socialization; feedback literacy

Kaveh Tagharobi
MA, Department of English
Areas of interest: Modernist literature; biocultural literary studies; evolutionary psychology; Middle Eastern studies; creative writing; rhetoric and composition; curriculum and pedagogy

Esteban Vallejo Toledo / 'stɛbən və'dʒɛhɔ tɔ'lɛdɔ
PhD in Law & Society (ABD), Faculty of Law
Areas of interest: taxation; land-value capture; legal geography; comparative law; Indigenous taxation; legal education and ethics

Madeline Walker
PhD, Department of English
Areas of interest: autobiography and memoir; African-American writing; feminisms; creative writing; argument

Annie (Meng) Wu
PhD student, Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies
Areas of interest: self-regulated learning; (meta)cognitive, motivational, and behavioural processes related to academic success in higher education