The Trauma Within Our Knowledge Bundles: Indigenous Helpers Navigating Trauma in Social Work Education and Practice

  • Olivia Caroline Ryan-Schmidt Student
Keywords: genous; trauma; decolonization; post-secondary education; social work


Trauma holds a sacred space in the knowledge bundles of many Indigenous helpers, including myself.
A knowledge bundle represents the knowledge that an individual holds within themselves. This bundle
consists of experiential knowledge, knowledge shared through teachings, and knowledge received through
genetic memory. This article explores the potential trauma Indigenous social workers may face prior
to practice, within post-secondary programs, and during practice. The literature written by Indigenous
helpers working alongside trauma in the field of social work provides incredibly valuable knowledge for
current helpers, as well as for students just beginning their journey into the social work field. How might
Indigenous helpers working within the field of social work care for the trauma they may carry within their
own knowledge bundles? This article examines how Indigenous helpers prepare to work with trauma,
how they may navigate trauma within practice, and what happens after re-stimulation of traumatic events.


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