Behind the Scenes of COVID-19: The "Hidden Pandemic" of Anti-Asian Racism

  • Brooke MacNab UVic
Keywords: Keywords: Anti-Asian racism; antiracism; allyship; Pacific and Asian studies; xenophobia


Alongside COVID-19 came a renewed onslaught of xenophobia and anti-Asian racism, marking people who are or appear to be Chinese as a target for hate-fuelled verbal and physical assaults, some resulting in serious injury or proving fatal for the victims. Using news articles published in Canada to collect data, this research explores the impact of anti-Asian racism within Canada. The findings from this research suggest an uptick in activism throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Roughly a year after the pandemic, social movements and organizations focused on supporting those with lived experiences of anti-Asian racism and tracking and preventing anti-Asian racism have garnered large followings and support. The resurgence of anti-Asian racism due to the fear associated with COVID-19 is a testament to how we can and should do better in the future to act collectively against racism and xenophobia, by understanding why and how it emerges in order to prevent it. 

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