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We accept:

✓  Journal Articles

✓  Exhibition Reviews

✓  Book Reviews


  • The current edition of ARTiculate invites contributions of journal essays from both Art History and Visual Studies graduate students and alumni. In addition, we have opened our submissions to contributions from Art History & Visual Studies graduate students and alumni across BC.
  • Manuscripts must be original and must not have been previously published. Any manuscript that is submitted must not already have a pending decision regarding publication elsewhere.
  • As of 2021, we now invite Art History & Visual Studies Graduate Students and alumni from the University of Victoria to submit exhibition & book reviews.
  • Exhibition Reviews should highlight exhibits running in 2021 and/or early 2022, and should be 2,000 to 2,500 words. 
  • Book Reviews shoud be 1,200 to 1,500 words.

Submitting a Manuscript for Publication 

  • Please note that manuscripts must be in English.
  • Articles should be accompanied by an abstract with a maximum of 500 words as well as an essay prepared for publication. Authors should be amenable to further development of their paper through peer review in 2021.
  • Please include keywords that best describe your paper for indexing purposes.
  • Please email your complete manuscript, with images as a separate attachment, to articulate [at]  Please use .doc or .docx programs only (MS Word).
  • Include a cover sheet with your name, contact information (including email address), and word count. Please do not include any personal information in the text of the manuscript.
  • Manuscripts should be double-spaced, and typed in 12-point, Times New Roman font.
  • We are looking for four to five journal articles ready for publication, each 5,000 to 6,500 words in length including abstract, keywords, illustrations, footnotes) and bibliography.  Pages should be numbered in the lower right-hand corner.
  • Chicago Manual of Style, 15th ed.
  • Full reference to a source should appear only once. Second and subsequent references to the same source should include a short form citation (ie: author surname, short title, page number).
  • Please use footnotes.
  • Quotes in any language other than English must include a translation.
  • Quotes must be exact. Any omission from a quote within a sentence must be indicated by an ellipsis. A period followed by three dots indicates an omission between sentences.
  • Please use double quotation marks rather than single.
  • For spelling considerations, please refer to the Canadian Oxford Dictionary, 2nd edition.
  • ARTiculate does not guarantee it can accommodate fonts required for foreign language characters.
  • For Arabic, Turkish and Persian transliteration system please see: IJMES Transliteration System for Arabic, Persian, and Turkish


  • All images must be high resolution (between 300 – 400 dpi) and sent digitally.
  • Saved as RGB for color, or grayscale for monochrome. 
  • Images must be indicated by sequentially numbered figures(Fig. 1 or Figs. 2-4).
  • All images should be named. Name should include a key word from the title and figure
    number. For example: ‘The concept of.1’
  • Maximum of five images.


  • It is the author’s responsibility to obtain permission to publish images and to pay any reproduction fees.  Copies of permission must be submitted prior to publication.
  • It is the author’s responsibility to obtain consent to publish quotes longer than 100 words.  Copies of permission must be submitted prior to publication.