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Autism's Own is an international peer-reviewed journal providing content written completely by persons with autism about the theme of autism. Autism's Own is dedicated to fostering autism culture through creative works. Autism's Own is published once a year coinciding with Autism Awareness Day, each April 2nd.

We are a global annual peer-reviewed publication that focuses on articles that advance a first-person understanding of autism culture through voices diagnosed with autism. Our submission guidelines can be found on the "Information: For Authors" page listed on the bottom right hand of this page. Our first inaugural issue was published April 2, 2013. We are presently accepting submissions for our 2018 issue. The following is an excerpt from the submission guidelines outlining the kind of content we are seeking:

Autism’s Own focuses on persons diagnosed with autism producing works that further autism culture, autism community, autism identity, and autism solidarity. Autism's Own only accepts articles that have not been previously published elsewhere. The Journal only accepts submissions from authors officially diagnosed with any form of autism who produce works based on the following subjects:

1. Non-fiction first person or subjective accounts of the author’s experience of autism, autism identity, autism community, and autism culture, or relevant themes directly centering on autism. Also included are non-fiction works of scholarly merit applicable to expanding knowledge about autism or autism culture or non-fiction works that are deemed to advance autism culture. (5,000 words maximum, no more than 5 photographs and 20 references)

2. Creative fiction centering on a theme or themes directly applicable to autism experience or autism culture. Creative fiction must add something to the genre of autism fiction or provide additive insights into autism culture. (5,000 words maximum, no more than 5 photographs and 20 references)

3. Multimedia creative art pieces including paintings, sculptures, photographs, & illustrations (5 works placed on one page per work), graphic novel excerpts & comic strips (8 pages maximum), poems & lyrics, original music, recorded spoken word, & audio talks (25 minutes maximum), video art (15 minutes maximum), and computer program experiences (1 hour play time maximum).

Full papers are generally restricted to a maximum of 5,000 words, including all elements (title page, abstract, notes, references, tables, biographical statement, etc.). We are reluctant to burden our referees with very long manuscripts. Editors may ask authors to make certain cuts before sending the article out for review.


Vol 5 (2018): Autism's Own 2018 Volume 5

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Autism's Own 2018 Volume 5