BIG_Review has just launched! Multiple formats available


BIG_Review has just launched! You can now enjoy and share the complete first issue for free in multiple formats.

In addition to browsing the issue on our journal website (see Current), you can also download the complete PDF in either standard view (single-page spread) or in wide view (double-page spread). Or flip through it right here: interactive flipbook.

 Our inaugural issue features:

  • Double-blind peer-reviewed articles on transborder governance, identity, culture, precarity, and conflict in borderlands around the world, including the Aegean, Eastern Europe, sub-Saharan Africa, the Arabian Gulf, and indigenous Latin America
  • Peer-reviewed essays on border-wall graffiti, aterritorial borders, and Paul de La Pradelle
  • Original artwork and poetry on themes and sentiments related to borders
  • And film and book reviews of works concerning borders