Call for Submissions


Borders in Globalization Review is calling for academic and artistic submissions for its upcoming spring/summer issue and beyond. We are especially interested in explorations of the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on borders.

BIG_Review is a bi-annual, multi-disciplinary, openaccess, and peer-reviewed journal, providing a forum for academic and artistic explorations of borders in the 21st century. In addition to scholarly work (academic articles, review essays, research notes, film reviews, and book reviews) we publish a range of artistic work (photography, painting, poetry, short stories, video, fiction reviews, and more). The journal is committed to quality research, public access, policy relevance, and cultural significance. We welcome submissions from all disciplines and backgrounds.

Scholarly submissions should engage with the research literature on borders, including, for example, borderlands, borderscapes, and bordering processes. We are interested in studies that go beyond the ‘land image’ by exploring borders as non-contiguous, aterritorial, globalized, mobile, electronic, biometric, functional, etc. We are equally interested in border studies from Indigenous perspectives, along with challenges posed to borders by climate change, colonialism, and subnational and transnational groups and identities. Research questions might focus on cross-border aspects of culture, flows, governance, history, security, and sustainability. We encourage innovative theoretical work as well as empirical and quantitative research. Articles should be between 7000 and 10,000 words in length. Book and film reviews should be between 500 and 1000 words, and short essays between 1000 and 4000 words.

Artistic submissions should pertain to borders broadly understood, for example, political, social, cultural, metaphoric, and personal borders. Borders can capture the popular imagination and inspire creative works. Artwork can reflect and influence the cultures that shape borders. We promote portfolios and individual works, including original poems, photos, paintings, short stories, creative essays, film and literature, artistic commentaries, and other forms of art. Artists retain copyright of their work and benefit from increased exposure at no cost to them.

Our distribution model makes contributors’ work widely and freely available to the general public in open-access format. This is possible by (a) utilizing far-reaching networks established in association with the multi-year research program, Borders in Globalization; (b) focusing on electronic rather than print copies (though paper editions may be ordered); and (c) shifting administrative costs from public users to academic institutions and authors’ research funds (grants, etc.). The one-time $250 Cdn fee applies to academic articles and essays that have been accepted for publication, and helps cover the costs of at least two double-blind expert peer reviews, production, and distribution. All other approved submissions—book reviews, film reviews, and all artistic and non-scholarly works—are published at no cost to contributors.

Academic submissions must be previously unpublished and not simultaneously under other publishers’ consideration. Submissions are not guaranteed approval. BIG_Review reserves the right to reject submissions on any grounds.

The new issue prints this fall/winter. Submit soon!

For complete submission guidelines and more information about the journal, visit our website.

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