The new issue has launched!


Colleagues and friends, please enjoy the new BIG_Review over the holidays! The new issue is composed of two special sections and a portfolio, plus some splendid film and book reviews.

The first section takes you inside South Asian border studies with five papers on a range of themes spanning identity, colonialism, refugees, and more, edited by Dhananjay Tripathi. This region is under-represented in border studies, and we are pleased to present the work of emerging scholars. 

The second special section features artistic explorations of borders, including illustrated essays and interviews, with much of the content bilingual in French and English. Borders have become a symbol of tragedy and imagination in the troubled works of contemporary artists, including those featured here, in a collection edited by Elisa Ganivet.

Our centre portfolio features the photography Valerio Vincenzo, Borderline: Frontiers of Peace, which captures a border reality seemingly far removed from the contemporary pessimistic political landscape.

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