Mobile Youth and Belonging in the Gulf: A Study of Dubai

  • Sitwat Azhar Hashmi


The rapid economic growth in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region has enticed flocks of expatriates from all over the world to the region in hopes of attaining a better quality of life. These expats often migrate with their spouses and children in tow bringing to light a new challenge for the Arab world: mobile youth. This research aims to find if the journey ‘home’ (repatriation) plays a role in developing these mobile children’s sense of belonging to a ‘home’, and if so, to which ‘home’. In order to do this, the research will conduct a theoretical analysis of these mobile youth born or raised within the Gulf by analysing one-on-one structured interviews through the lens of the theory of belonging, and the study of language and culture. This research concludes that in fact, mobile youth build their sense of belonging in relation to multiple ‘homes’ and not just to their ‘adopted’ or ‘parental’ home.


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Hashmi, Sitwat Azhar. 2019. “Mobile Youth and Belonging in the Gulf: A Study of Dubai”. Borders in Globalization Review 1 (1). Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 29-42.