Brazilian Border Closures in Pandemic Times: A Comparative Approach to Four Regions

  • Licio Caetano do Rego Monteiro
  • Luís Paulo Batista da Silva
  • Rebeca Steiman
  • Leticia Parente Ribeiro


This paper discusses the context and the effects of border closures related to the COVID-19 pandemic in four border regions between Brazil and its neighbors, namely Venezuela, Colombia, Paraguay, and Argentina, from March to July 2020. The study highlights the low level of coordination among countries, bilateral or regional, in the course of the sanitary emergency. It also analyses the local impacts of the restrictive measures, especially on the twin cities due to their high level of interdependence, in which the inhabitants suffered from the dismantling of supply networks, the precarity of health services, and the economic downturn related to border closures.