Outline & Depth of Otherness: An Interview with Randa Maroufi

  • Elisa Ganivet


In this interview, as part of the special section Art & Borders, Art Editor Elisa Ganivet talks with the artist Randa Maroufi. The shore between Morocco and Europe is particularly questioned, along with Maroufi’s fine work around the more structural, societal and gender boundaries. Her research is synthesized by stagings where a strong and clear-sighted image predominates. 


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Ganivet, Elisa. 2021. “Outline & Depth of Otherness: An Interview With Randa Maroufi”. Borders in Globalization Review 3 (1). Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 96-103. https://doi.org/10.18357/bigr31202120445.
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