On the Passage of Existence: An Interview with Taysir Batniji

  • Elisa Ganivet


In this interview, produced in both English and French, as part of the special section Art & Borders, Art Editor Elisa Ganivet talks with the artist Taysir Batniji. The occasion of his exhibition at the Macval (France) allowed reflection on some of his long-term works and on his life path. The strength of ‘the idea’ prevails over the medium for a sensitive awakening to the state of a world simultaneously foreign and familiar.


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Ganivet, Elisa. 2021. “On the Passage of Existence: An Interview With Taysir Batniji”. Borders in Globalization Review 3 (1). Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 104-12. https://doi.org/10.18357/bigr31202120446.
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