Erasing the Line: Mapping Indigenous Community across the US–Canada Border

  • Guntram Herb Middlebury College
  • Vincent Falardeau Middlebury College
  • Kathryn Talano Middlebury College


North American settler colonialism is not a historical event, but an ongoing process that strives to silence the continued presence of the original Indigenous inhabitants in the United States and Canada. The map, Erasing the Line, attempts to challenge the primacy of existing sovereign states by showing contiguous Indigenous community across the US–Canada border. This subversive visualization is inspired by nationalist maps and uses official census data to challenge the settler state narrative from within.


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Author Biography

Guntram Herb, Middlebury College

Professor and Chair

Department of Geography

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Herb, Guntram, Vincent Falardeau, and Kathryn Talano. 2023. “Erasing the Line: Mapping Indigenous Community across the US–Canada Border”. Borders in Globalization Review 4 (2). Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 145-47.
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