‘Europe of the Regions’: From Slogan to Effects on European Union Borders and Regions

  • Morgane Chovet University of Strasbourg


This article shows that the integrationist trend of ‘a Europe of the regions’ shapes the way the different scales of territories in the European Union are considered. Due to this trend, European institutions evolved their processes of legislation within the EU. Institutions are now able to promote cohesion between all scales of territory composing the European continent, including cross-border territories. Thus, this trend participates in the promotion of European integration by erasing or blurring the state borders that exist between these territories. However, a Europe of the regions is not the ultimate goal of the European Union, and the results of this trend can be mitigated. This article’s analysis is mainly structured around European law, including both primary and secondary law but also case law of the European Union Court of Justice. In order to strengthen its approach, the article also draws from other disciplines such as history and political science.


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Chovet, Morgane. 2023. “‘Europe of the Regions’: From Slogan to Effects on European Union Borders and Regions”. Borders in Globalization Review 4 (2). Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 61-70. https://doi.org/10.18357/bigr42202321053.