Continuity and Disruption of Borders (a Complete Art Performance)

  • Paulo Nazareth


This three-part collection presents the physicality of borders as conceived by Paulo Nazareth (born Brazil, 1977). First, a 2006 series of pamphlets depict migration in ways that may not be realistic or factually realizable, but the point is the intention. In a second step, a photo series capture moments of the artist’s journey on the road of the Americas, traveling through 15 countries on foot and by bus from his native Brazil to the United States. Finally, the poignant 2022 testimony of a cleaning lady working for his gallerist Mendes Wood DM is presented here in the original Spanish, as Florencia Cruz Ramos recounts her journey as an immigrant and the impact of Nazareth’s work on her life.


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Nazareth, Paulo. 2022. “Continuity and Disruption of Borders (a Complete Art Performance) ”. Borders in Globalization Review 4 (1). Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 104-26.
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